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Gloria's Restaurants have received multiple awards and recognition for multiple locations over the years. Gloria's was first recognized by the Dallas Observer for "Best Salsa Music" in 2004, and has been receiving awards from Dallas Observer's – "Best of Dallas" and "Readers Pick" ever since.

Dallas Observer "Best Salsa (Music)" - Gloria's in Addison (2004)

At Gloria's Latin American Restaurant in Addison there are two types of salsa. While both maybe hot and spicy, one comes served in a dish, the other comes served on a dance floor. On Friday and Saturday nights the Mexican-Salvadoran restaurant transforms into a vivacious Latin Dance Club.

Couples step, gyrate, dip, spin and swivel, working up a sweat and working off the excellent empanadas and enchiladas that started off the evening. If you're looking to heat up your night, go to Gloria's. It's like one-stop shop for dinner, drinks and dancing in one festive location. Gloria's Addison restaurant is located at 5100 Belt Line Rd. Suite 852 Addison, TX 75254. Visit Gloria's Addison Location page for direction's, happy hour specials, hours of operations, special events and more.

Dallas Observer "Best Free Appetizer"- Gloria's in Dallas (Lemmon Ave.)- 2006

Often, the thought of having to wait for your food at a sit-down restaurant is downright depressing. When you've spent 45 minutes debating where to go, another half-hour rounding up the kids and family, and 20 minutes driving to and parking at your destination, you're simply ready to eat. NOW. You want the instant gratification of a snack that's plunked down even before the drink order. Just chips and salsa would cut it, but at Gloria's they go that extra step--a second dip. In addition to the tangy, chunky salsa, Gloria's pre-prandial offering includes a blended black bean dip, just the amount of protein you need to settle you in for the main course. And, best of all, it's free.

Dallas Observer "Best Latin Club"- Gloria's In Dallas (Greenville Ave.) – 2008

So, Gloria's isn't necessarily a club, per se. But, nonetheless, once a week, every Thursday night, Gloria's might as well be considered a discoteca thanks to the salsa dance party that takes place inside. The music comes courtesy of The Havana NRG Orchestra, a nationally renowned, Dallas-based Latin orchestra; by the time the band is in full swing and the dance floor has a crowd, you'll forget that you're having this much fun in a restaurant. No, you'll think you're somewhere south of the border. The best part: Though the restaurant charges a $5 cover charge to men at this popular event, the women get in free. Ay, Chihuahua.

Dallas Observer "Best Latin Club"- Gloria's in Addison (Beltline Road) - 2010

OK, so Gloria's isn't your typical reggaeton-pumping Latin club, but when it opens its dance floor each Friday and Saturday for an all-night salsa dancing sweat-fest, it's tough to find a more electric place anywhere in town. Whether the amazing Cuban band Havana NRG or the delicious (and deceptively strong) margaritas remove the most inhibitions, it's hard to say. To be certain, though, the opportunity to dance with beautiful women is enough to inspire any guy to learn as much as he can at the salsa lessons they start the night with. And look out ladies, because there are plenty of seasoned salsa pros out there ready to sweep you off your feet.

Dallas Observer "Readers Pick for Best Latin Club"- Gloria's in Oak Cliff (Bishop Ave.)- 2010

Dallas Observer "Best Margarita"- Gloria's in Dallas (Lemmon Ave.) 2010

Choosing a margarita isn't as easy as you'd think. If we're going to pull the trigger, rest assured it won't be for some overpriced Slurpee with a shot of tequila. Gloria's not only has the best-priced margaritas in the city at only three bucks, but at 11 ounces, they don't skimp you on size. They also pour in enough Manik tequila to give them just the right kick, and their ice-to-margarita ratio is both spot-on and consistent. Atmosphere counts too, so it helps that Gloria's has some of the best Mexican food in town. After all, why wouldn't you want to keep down all those $3 margaritas with some enchiladas verdes?

Dallas Observer Readers Pick "Best Margarita" – Gloria's in Oak Cliff (Bishop Ave.)

After receiving the Dallas Observer award for Best Margarita in 2010, Gloria's Restaurant also tied for first place with Mi Cocina in the "Readers Pick for Best Margarita" for 2010.

Dallas Observer "Best Use of a Remodeled Fire Station" – Gloria's in Oak Cliff (Bishop Ave.) 2011

Once tucked away on West Davis Street in Oak Cliff, the original Gloria's served up some mighty tasty, traditional El Salvadoran meals. Now, 25 years later, the tiny, family-run business has erupted into a local institution with 13 locations, in DFW and Austin. Just this year, the original Oak Cliff location at 600 West Davis St. closed its doors for good and moved its staff down the street into the historic Fire Station No. 15. Sure, the station has been renovated, but it still has plenty of fire-station charm, including a pole that splits the upstairs and downstairs dining rooms.

Dallas Observer "Best Margarita" Bishop Ave. 2011

A purist might scoff, but sometimes you order a margarita with one explicit purpose. If getting tanked is your goal, then your best margarita can be found at Gloria's. Sure they use a mix, but at least they use it sparingly. The drinks arrive barely tinted with sours and almost clear with alcohol. That first sip? Rocket fuel! But things will even out soon enough. Keep drinking while you munch on free chips with salsa and black bean dip, and then order a second round. Still think this might not be the best margarita in town? Order a third, and repeat this process as necessary. Given time, and an iron stomach, eventually you'll agree.

Dallas Observer "Readers Choice- Best Happy Hour"- Gloria's in Oak Cliff (Bishop Ave.)

The Dallas Observer continuously serves its community by exposing the indefinite, positive attributes the city of Dallas subsidizes. Each year, the Dallas Observer highlights the importance of "the reader's choice" for best food, booze, shops, and all time favorites for numerous categories. For the 2011 reader's choice, Gloria's restaurant received the reader's choice for best happy hour in Dallas.


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